Lower School

Dear St. Anne School, 
I am thrilled to join the St. Anne community as Head of the Lower School and honored to be selected to lead and provide support for the elementary program!
During my visits to campus, I met many members of St. Anne, and they all expressed a contagious love and appreciation for the school! The leadership team was unified in their commitment to excellence, the parents were partners with heart as they provided support, the Board of Directors confirmed strategic measures for vision, the teachers were focused on creating the best environments for student learning, and the support staff were collaborators to fill in the gaps for an outstanding school experience.
My experience in administration and teaching has cultivated a love for continual growth in environments that offer choice and encouragement for others to reach their potential. I’m dedicated to mentoring teachers in the design of active learning classrooms that nurture curiosity and develop students to voice learning with confidence and influence. I encourage classrooms to be filled with exploration, problem-solving, collaboration, and reflection for students to invest themselves in the learning experience and become creative thinkers. This environment is best fostered when students are surrounded by teachers and staff that offer encouragement through the development of faith.
I look forward to stepping into action and joining the active St. Anne team in July 2021!
Marsha Hafer
Head Of Lower School
    • Marsha Hafer, Head of Lower School