Lower School

It is my belief that when students are truly intrinsically motivated, their work becomes the stimuli that allows them to enjoy what they are doing. To facilitate this motivation, it is imperative that teachers are thinking in a student-centric manner delivering relevant content and knowledge to students. In my short time here at St. Anne, it is easy to recognize that this motivation exists on our campus and continues to grow.
Four distinct pillars exist within the culture of the school that help perpetuate this method of learning; the way teachers nurture with care, the accessibility to technology to teach with creativity, embracing life on campus, and the manner in which our campus treasures faith.
Nurture with Care
Many faculty, parents, and students boast of our strong “family” feel on campus, in which we take great pride. Collaborative learning and teaching is stimulated through the modeling of nurturing and caring values of our teachers –often referring to themselves as a family. The ways in which teachers interact and collaborate with each other in a compassionate way is visible on campus. One example is through Professional Learning Communities or PLCs. PLCs allow for learning and inquisition to take place among teachers as a community who share a vision, trust, and team learning. Students at St. Anne know that teachers, staff, and administrators work together to ensure a nurturing environment is infused throughout all grades.  
Teach With Creativity
The Lower School curriculum takes a student-centric approach to learning by stressing the acquisition of foundational skills across all subject areas. Exposure to real life learning and problem solving situations in an age of information is needed for student success. Teachers at St. Anne consistently create real life problems, which are especially designed to recognize and reward students to develop their problem solving abilities. Specifically, these experiences are exemplified in the recent construction of our Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STREAM) room. Additionally, students foster their tactile and visual learning through comprehensive field studies and field trips.

Embrace Life
The teachers, staff, and administration take a unique approach to learning. Each student at St. Anne is given time and attention necessary to educate the whole child. We believe that educating the mind and soul of each student is necessary given the pressures in today’s society. Programs such as Buddy Days give students in Lower School the opportunity to look and learn from students in Middle School—and experiencing a first-time mentorship. Students are encouraged to take steps toward self-discovery and creative inquiry through various electives, after school programs, and campus-wide activities.
Treasure Faith
Being a faith-based institution is a strong pillar within our community. The values of kindness and compassion are woven into the St. Anne experience. We differentiate ourselves from other schools in our ability to embrace the miracle of God’s gifts in our curriculum and instruction. Additionally, the St. Anne community celebrates Mass each week. Mass is a time for our students, faculty, administration, staff, and parents to engage in reflective time with ourselves and our Lord.
Collectively, these four pillars mark St. Anne as a truly special place for our students; allowing them to explore and grow educationally, while engaging in a quality and poignant educational experience.
I am proud to be part of this family!
    • Marsha Hafer, Head of Lower School