Middle School

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Whether this is your initial step into Middle School or your journey is already on its way, I welcome you and look forward to your life changing education at St. Anne School.
St. Anne School is an amazing community and educational institution like no other. When you walk through our doors, you become part of the St. Anne community, and I dedicate my personal attention to every student and parent who entrust us with their education. My focus as Head of the Middle School is on each student and to promote them into becoming the greatest person possible.
St. Anne’s nurturing environment has endless unique features, which is conveyed in so many special ways. From our dedicated teachers and small class size to our extensive offerings in athletics, music, art, and religion, to name a few, St. Anne fulfills its mission of unparalleled academics and extracurricular opportunities designed to challenge and nurture the whole child. Moreover, St. Anne provides rigorous honors courses in all core subject areas as well as yearly field studies experiences with a focus on both science and history.  
As a parent of a St. Anne graduate, I can personally attest to how our faculty and staff prepare students for their next endeavors in high school, college, and beyond. By fostering both the academic and personal growth, St. Anne guides our students in their development into well-rounded, responsible citizens with the drive to reach their future goals.
This is an exciting time in your lives, and St. Anne is here to build upon that. I hope you will join our family and allow us to enrich you.
Best regards,
Maureen Bournazian
Head of Middle School
    • Maureen Bournazian, Head of Middle School