St. Anne School offers a comprehensive community service program for all middle school students. Through community service, we work closely together to connect, collaborate, and create a relationship with the people of God’s family. Our patron saint, St. Anne, made it her mission to accomplish these relationships throughout her life. As a reflection of our patron saint, students will work towards becoming responsible citizens and Christ-centered learners as they gain both awareness and sensitivity towards the needs of a diverse community.  

This year’s middle school community service will provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with other classrooms and teachers to create meaningful letters and games that show God’s love for his people. These letters and games will then be sent to “The Hope Zone” - the site that God has put on our hearts for this year. To learn more about “The Hope Zone”, click on the Community Service Slideshow link on the right. 

Students will be meeting the requirement of 16 hours of community service yearly and will be asked to reflect on their experiences through writing prompts. All hours and writing for community service this year will be done in class/online. 

Additionally, students will be given opportunities for community service projects on campus as well. Operation Christmas Child, Blankets of Love, and the Easter Basket Assembly will still be available for students to assist our local communities.

Finally, prior to graduation, 8th-grade students will complete a "Grad for Grad" project. This project will be composed of a final reflection and a capstone of the students’ individual growth throughout their years at St. Anne School with regards to the four learning expectations.  
St. Anne students shall:
  • Gain a greater and deeper understanding of their community and themselves as contributing, caring human beings.
  • Experience a heightened awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of others, not only within their School community, but also in the larger community.
  • Develop the conviction to serve and the responsibility to follow through on this conviction.
  • Continue to serve beyond the minimum by organizing their time, talents, and resources to enhance the quality of life in their community.
  • Enter into relationships with people in the community with whom they might not otherwise interact.
  • Incorporate Christian Service into the culture of their School.
  • Use this program as a tool for academic success and enrichment.
  • Assess community needs.
  • Discover how our School can make a difference in the community.